Camo Silicone Rings

Keep your ring finger safe with our camo silicone rings! We swap out our camo wedding rings with silicone rings with we workout, climb, work with our hands, etc. We offer the rings in sets of three so you can vary the color to fit your mood!
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Orange, Black, and Camo Silicone Rings
camo silicone rings - womens-snow-camo-pink-camo-white-camo-band-ring-avulsion-silicone-wedding-rings-rubber-camo-wedding-rings-8mm-black-rings-3-ring
Black Camo, Turquoise, and Pink Camo Silicone Rings

Have you heard of “Ring Avulsion”? Ring Avulsion is a very serious injury that occurs when the skin around your finger is torn off, due to your wedding ring getting caught on something with an edge (i.e. CrossFit, climbing, gym equipment, free weight, etc.) or on a moving piece of equipment, tool, or machinery. Injuries can range from the skin being torn to the finger being completely ripped off.

Watch this video of Jimmy Fallon talking about it (RING AVULSION HAPPENED TO HIM!):

Stay SAFE and BUY Camo Silicone Rings!

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