Choosing the Perfect Metal For Your Camo Wedding Bands

First of all, congratulations!

Selecting the wedding bands for your special day is an event that you will cherish forever. And if you’re looking at camo wedding bands, it’s sure to be even more unforgettable.

But when deciding on a metal for your bands, things may seem a bit confusing. Not to worry! We’ve got all of the info you need right here.

Read on to learn which metals are the most durable, which ones are the lightest and heaviest, how to care for each, and more. By the end, you’ll be an expert!

Let’s get started.


All That Is Gold

Gold is a classic choice for weddings bands that has been used throughout the ages, while rose gold is a more modern twist. Which one should you go for? Let’s get into the details.

Gold gets its periodic symbol (Au) from a Latin word meaning “glowing dawn”. And as the only metal in existence with its trademark yellowish hue, it’s easy to see why.

Gold is the most malleable metal that you can select for your camo wedding bands. In fact, one ounce of gold can be stretched into a golden thread which is five miles long!

Gold is safe to eat in small amounts. And although we know you don’t plan on eating your wedding bands, this fact does illustrate how safe this metal is to have in close proximity to your body.

The purest kind of gold is twenty-four karats. Usually, gold will be mixed with different metals like silver, platinum, nickel, iron, or any number of others to make it a little more durable. Gold may also be plated over another material, like titanium, to ensure its durability.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is definitely on-trend at the moment. You can see it not just in jewelry, but even as a fashion statement in everyday technological gadgets. So, what is rose gold exactly?

Simply put, rose gold is pure gold mixed with copper, giving it its signature warm, rosy color. This color is not only fashionable but is also very flattering to many skin tones.

Although rose gold may seem like just a modern fad, it was given its nickname (Russian gold) because it originally gained popularity in nineteenth-century Russia. The adoration of this beautiful metal isn’t going anywhere!

How to Clean Gold and Rose Gold Wedding Bands
To clean your gold or rose gold bands, mix a little liquid dish soap with water in a bowl, and let them soak for about fifteen minutes. Then, carefully scrub the rings with a soft toothbrush. Dry with a lint-free towel.



Super lightweight, durable, and beautiful? Seems too good to be true, right?

Titanium is all of these things and more. Naturally a light grey, titanium can be polished to reveal a shiny, lustrous silvery color which is brilliantly reflective.

Titanium is so incredibly durable and strong that you could hit it with a hammer and it would not sustain any damage. If you live a very active lifestyle, you work with your hands, or you’re often outdoors or in water, titanium is a great option for your camo wedding bands.

Titanium rings are quite affordable. If you’re looking at titanium camo wedding rings that are over one hundred dollars, you’re being swindled.

Titanium is so safe, durable and resistant to corrosion that it is even used in surgical implants. However, it’s durable nature does mean that titanium rings cannot be resized. So if you decide on purchasing titanium wedding bands, make sure that you use a ring sizing chart to ensure that you get the right ones.

How to Clean Titanium Wedding Bands
To remove any built-up grime on your titanium wedding bands, you can wash them with a little liquid dish soap and dry with a lint-free cloth.



When you think of ceramic objects, your mind may wander to the mug you made your grandmother in elementary school. But thankfully, ceramic rings are made of something much more durable.

Ceramic camo weddings bands are made out of zirconium ceramic, which is super strong and scratch resistant. Similar to titanium, ceramic jewelry can be shined to a brilliant luster that will last a lifetime.

Ceramic rings are extremely lightweight, will not tarnish and are hypoallergenic. On the scale that jewelers use to measure hardness, they’re a nine out of ten!

Similar to titanium rings, ceramic wedding bands cannot be resized. So be sure not to guess on your or your partner’s size!

How to Clean Ceramic Wedding Bands
Simply wipe the rings with a damp cloth, a dry with a lint-free cloth. Although chipping is unlikely, it is possible, so make sure that when storing your ceramic camo wedding bands, you give them their own padded box.

Another Option for Camo Wedding Bands
If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional metals used in wedding bands, look no further. Check out this popular selection.



A growing trend among NFL stars, silicone rings take any worry or concern out of wearing a wedding band. No matter how much physical activity you’re engaged in or how crazy your lifestyle is, you never have to worry about damaging your ring.

Silicone is made of a flexible synthetic compound of polymers. It’s commonly found in medicine, cooking utensils, and insulation. It’s flexible, a bit like rubber, and heat-resistant.

And, another bonus, silicone rings also very inexpensive! So if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, or would like to purchase a ring to replace another band during times of physical activity, silicone may be the right wedding ring material for you.

How to Care for Silicone Wedding Bands
Because it is slightly porous, be sure not to clean your silicone jewelry with any harsh chemicals. Just a little soap and water is all you need!


Wrapping Up

Your lifestyle, your fashion preferences, and your budget will be the deciding factors of which camo wedding band material is right for you. And with the info above, finding that perfect match is easy!

But no matter which option you choose, you can be sure that your camo wedding bands will be safe, durable, beautiful, and will last you and your partner a lifetime.

If you have any questions about weddings bands or would like to know more about the jewelry which we offer, please contact us anytime. We’d love to hear from you!
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