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Country Home Decorating Ideas

rustic decorating ideas

Creating a focal piece for your home or office is crucial for designing a space around. For a perfect rustic addition, think about adding a longhorn bull skull to your country home!

We initially hung a longhorn skull over our fireplace in our home, but then bought another to keep in our ONE CAMO office. As you can see, since we have several creative artists and jewelers on our team, we adorned ours with lace around the base of the horns and then drilled holes into raw pieces of turquoise which we attached to a necklace chain with standard eyelet hooks.

We use only one provider of longhorn skulls and horns. They are a Texas based cattle feed lot.

So first before purchasing a set, sign up for Ebates.

Ebates gives you up 5-20% cashback on all your purchases, so with these horns costing up to $200, why not save $20!


Once you are logged into Ebates, search for eBay on their site. Once you click through you will activate the cashback for your longhorn skull purchase!

Once on eBay search for the term “longhorn skull”.

This ranch offers so many sizes and colors, it is really helpful for finding the perfect size and color tone that matches your country home style and paint!

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