CrossFit Gym Workout Outdoor Wedding Ring

We are launching our NEW CrossFit Gym Workout Outdoor Wedding Ring – 3 Pack and we are seeking brand ambassadors that will wear our rugged silicone rings at the gym, at work, and while doing the jobs that require your hands! Avoid the scary chance of ring avulsion with a normal wedding band and get our rubber wedding bands today!

Are you starting a new years resolution of working out more? SAVE your diamond ring or wedding band from scuffs and scratches! SIGN UP to become a sales rep at:

jimmy fallon Ring avulsion - silicone wedding rings - rubber camo wedding rings - 8mm black rings - insta ad

Slip on our NEW outdoor silicone crossfit wedding band when you go to workout!

EMAIL this website to any of your friends that are always in the gym OR who use their hands at work (such as electricians, carpenters, technicians and more!)

Thanks #1CAMO fans!

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