Deer Antlers Proposal Ideas – Camo Wedding Ideas

Deer Antlers – Proposal Ideas

Love this antler #engagement ring idea my friend did! Get your #Camo Bands on

Trying to think of a perfect proposal idea for your hunter? Grab some past shed antlers and slip a Camo Wedding Ring on the biggest point! Lay them out in the field and ask your man or girl to go grab those deer antlers! When they grab it and see the ring, already be on one knee ready to propose when they turn around!

Having a Camo Wedding? Do you LIVE in Mossy Oak and Realtree Camo apparel? Love the outdoors and hunting? #1 CAMO created these Rings for you! The branded camo you wear is great because it is large enough to show the detail, but we at #1 CAMO desired a Ring that would show greater detail in the small area a ring provides. After a year of development and testing in 2004, we have since successfully built and distributed a top rated and extremely detailed camouflage wedding ring for all outdoor fans like us to enjoy!

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