Taxidermy Supplies – How to Deer Mounts

Taxidermy Supplies

Every deer season I seem to question if I should mount my own deer as many of my hunting friends do. It can be quite the task, but the money you can save by avoiding your local taxidermist can be substantial! Below I will describe the taxidermy supplies needed for your own deer mounts. Email us in your best deer mount pics via! #hunting #deer #buck #deermounts

My personal favorite deer mount kits can be found on Van Dykes! Their taxidermy supplies are par none and all have very helpful how to guides included and on their website:

Now if you are new to mounting, this is an amazing guide on mounting deers via “Shoulder Mounts“, my personal favorite. This guide is great, but a few key tips I can’t stress enough measure twice, cut once!

Here is the list of tools needed:

-Foam form of proper dimension and pose that you like
-Plastic ear liners
-Glass eyes
-Modeling clay
-Fishing line or artificial sinew
-Acrylic paint – black, brown, natural, gray
-Glovers needle
-Borax – 1 lb.
-Alum – 1 lb.
-Salt – 10 lbs
-Hide paste
-Finishing nails
-T shaped push pins
-Scalpel or very sharp knife
-Knife or homemade hide scraper

Good luck and remember to email us pictures of your deer mounts!

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