Top 10 Hunting Locations in the USA You Must Hunt

  • Appleton, Wisconsin

This is the definite number one hunting location you’ll ever find. It has been one of the best big game hunting locations since 170 years ago when our ancestors began to settle there. Each year hunters go to Appleton to find the biggest white-tailed deer’s in America. If you want to score some real game as far as deer hunting, Appleton, WI is the place for you.

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  • Quincy, Illinois

This is the best runner-up you’ll find. This land is well known for some of the biggest trophy bucks. Its location near the Mississippi makes the place even more delightful because of the beautiful scenery. This definitely one of the places worth a visit, during hunting season.

  • Apple Creek, Wisconsin

This gorgeous hunting destination happens to be very close to the top location for whitetail deer hunting. This location does not have as big amount of white-tailed deer, it sure has beautiful 5-star lodges. It is a luxurious place with enjoyable hunting activities and competitions. Apple creek whitetails just might happen to become your biggest game yet.

  • Deer Creek, Ohio

This hunting locations name can basically sum up why it is such a popular place. This is another amazing treasure trove of hunting locations, not only is it a famous place for deer hunting, but also other game including quail hunting and bass fishing. The hunting ground in deer creek is quite extensive, and the deer creek lodges are very homely and well furnished.

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  • Glasgow, Montana

This is the perfect place if you are looking for a wide opened space with clear beautiful skies. It is located near the breathtaking Milk River, which is plenty full of deer during hunting season. Though it may not be full of the Midwest “giants” the amount of deer you’ll find will make it seem like hunters paradise.

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This location is in the top 10 due to its amazing big game hunting performance even though it is located in the East. Most eastern states do not have many white-tailed deer, in exception of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s rolling hills and beautiful view will leave you astonished.

  • Iowa

Though this is not a specific location, Iowa has been on the top of the list for the best hunting states. Since 1820 until 2001 it was officially the best deer hunting state. However, it is still on top of the list though it is not #1 anymore. You can find them just about anywhere in the state as well.

  • Southwestern Connecticut

This area of Connecticut recently opened a crossbow season, for ALL hunting; deer, rabbit, squirrel, etc. Whitetail deer tend to be very thick and plentiful in this part of the state. If you are looking for big white-tailed deer in this region, Connecticut is definitely your place.

  • Dallas, Texas

Texas is in fact, a beautiful place and has classic hunting locations for all hunters. However, Texas hunting is not for everyone due to the huge population of whitetails, there is also a huge population of hunters. Its location near the huge city is quite convenient for supplies, hotels and so on. All your precious hunting gear will be one step away in the lands of Texas.

  • Alma, Wisconsin

You can sure expect to find big game here during hunting season. If you enjoy small towns and genuine hunting then Alma is perfect for you. There is beautiful lodging, plenty of hunting gear and acres and acres of hunting ground. If you enjoy small town and old-fashioned hunting come to Alma, Wisconsin.

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That is our top 10 Hunting Locations in the USA! Get your bucket list started!

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