Top Country Wedding Ideas

Have you finally said “Yes” to your partner? Well, you must be surely excited, happy and sharing this news with your near and dear ones. Once the realization sinks in, you will realize that you are facing a mammoth task – planning your wedding. With so many ideas and inspiration to choose from, you are surely pondering on over what type of wedding you should go for. Do you want a simple wedding or theme wedding? Should you go for a city wedding or a country wedding? Are you planning to follow a theme across the wedding? Well, the questions just start here. There are so many things to choose and decisions to take, and it may turn out to be quite overwhelming.

One of the most classical and popular choices of a wedding is a country wedding. Despite changing lifestyle and environment, country weddings are still a rage. Most couples still opt for a country feel when it comes to their wedding. Nothing can beat the décor, charm and appeal of a country wedding! Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a country wedding offers serenity, privacy and calm. These locations ensure that you and friends and family are able to enjoy the wedding without any rush or stress.

Planning a country wedding can be confusing! From the venue to dress, there is a lot of thought required to bring a rustic feel to the atmosphere. The main challenge is striking the balance between going over the top and remaining subtle. You surely do not want to go overboard and lose the vision you had set for your wedding. Don’t worry! There are a variety of ways of making your country wedding memorable, fun and perfect. From cowboys to down-home celebrations, there are ways to organize a country wedding your guests will fall in love with.

Barns make the Perfect venue

When you fiancé is a country kid at heart or has grown up in a country, they hold a special place in their heart for barns. Well, honoring their love for barns and bringing a truly rustic feel to your wedding, the barn makes an ideal venue for a wedding. Depending on the season you are conducting your wedding, you can choose between an open or closed barn. In a barn wedding, the bridal bouquet can consist of different colorful spring flowers to add a dash of color. If possible, create your wedding bouquet as you will surely enjoy this activity. You can also ask for bouquets of colorful wildflowers for your bridesmaids. For a fall wedding, you can choose a scenic setting around a barn between trees and leaves changing colors. If you are unable to find a picturesque barn, go for a farmhouse and decorate it to get a rustic effect.

Bridal Dress and Lace

Lace has always been a favorite of bridal gowns and it has made a major comeback recently. When you talk about a calm and relaxed country wedding, lace dresses are just what rusty seeking brides need. Whether you are holding the wedding outdoors or indoors, the elegance and charm of a lace bridal dress cannot match anything else. Lace dresses look feminine yet trendy. The best part about lace is that it can be incorporated with different materials in a variety of ways. Plan your dream wedding dress in lace and you will surely make heads turn! Remember, rusty can be chic too, just choose a great style of wedding dress. White may not necessarily be the choice of a gown for a cowboy theme wedding. Both the bride and groom can choose their own dresses to fit the theme. If the groom is wearing a cowboy hat, then the bride can opt for cowboy boots to complement the look.

Transportation turns Rustic too

If you want to bring the complete countryside effect to your wedding, opt for tractors as transportation. Depending on your budget, you can either mark the entry of bride and groom in a tractor or organize tractors to get your guests to the wedding setting. If you want to go for a cowboy theme, you can also use horses as your wedding transportation. Your guests are surely going to enjoy this trip!

Aisle and alter setting

Forget traditional churches, aisles and alters when it comes to country weddings. There are ways you can make the wedding setting even more unique. Choose a natural and picturesque location beside a pond or in middle of the woods. There is no better color scheme and backdrop for a wedding than a natural, beautiful landscape. Let the trees and nature take center stage instead of a predefined alter. The photographs clicked in these settings are colorful, lively and amazing. You will surely cherish your wedding forever.

Ceremony and Seating

The best way to bring a rustic feel to your wedding is to mix and match different fabrics for decoration and seating. Right from table runners to the bouquet, opt for lace, burlap, Gingham and similar materials. Each of these materials has their feel and appeal. When used creatively, these materials will help enhance the rustic feel in the setting. Do not go overboard with any one material, it is always better to mix and match different materials.

For table centerpieces, bouquets of lovely colorful wildflowers make an excellent option. You can rent several things and decorations when you are planning a wedding on a budget. For countryside wedding, you can also keep the invitations simple and casual and opt for bright colors.

The rustic environment will give a more laid back and comfortable country feel to your wedding. Instead of getting married in closed areas with air conditioners, having a countryside wedding with fresh air is always a better option. From quaint chapels to backdrops of manor houses, barns to lovely woods, there are various settings to choose from. Look into minute details like handwritten signs, colorful table settings, colorful bridesmaid dresses and more to complete the rustic feel to your wedding. It is your day, and a country-side wedding is the best way to make sure it becomes a memorable one!
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