What Men’s Wedding Band Should I Buy? CAMO!

When deciding which men’s wedding ring is right for you, first you need to consider your lifestyle. Camo Bands may seem crazy…but if you are an outdoorsmen, hunter or camo fan, our ring is the perfect visual and durable option!

Every one is different. A ring design that appeals to one person, may not appeal to another, just as a ring design that works well with one person’s lifestyle may not be appropriate for another person’s lifestyle.

You need to consider what effect your lifestyle will have on your wedding ring. Consider the following questions together with any other facets of your lifestyle that will play a part in your choosing your men’s wedding ring.

Can you wear your wedding ring whilst you work?

Are there special requirements for the type of ring that you can wear at work? Are you a mechanic, tradesman or working with machinery and equipment that could get caught on a ring? Do you need a ring that can be cut-off from your finger in the case of an emergency? Our ceramic rings are non-conductive and perfect for electricians!

Do you work with your hands – will manual labour be tuff on your ring?

Are you a gardener or tradesman or does your work or hobby involve being tough on your hands, and thereby tough on your ring? If you answered yes, you may be best not to wear your ring whilst performing those activities. Though if you are planning to wear your ring at those times, you need to consider whether your ring can stand up to that harsher treatment.

Will you wear your wedding ring everyday?

When possible, most men choose to wear their wedding ring every day. Though there are some jobs where it’s not possible to wear your ring to work, or some men prefer not to wear their wedding ring every day.

Some men are not able to wear a ring to work due to the harsh treatment that they expect their work may give to their ring or because they are prohibited from wearing a ring at work due to safety standards.

The men who wear their wedding ring only the weekends and special occasions often choose a ring that’s a little more unusual because they like to enjoy the ring whilst they do wear it and they are not limited just to ring designs suited to their lifestyle.

Some men also choose to wear their wedding ring on a neck chain when they cannot wear it on their finger. If you plan to wear your wedding ring on a chain, you will need to make sure that the type of ring is suitable to be worn on a chain (for example woven or more intricate rings are not as suitable to be worn on a chain).

Will you play sport whilst wearing your wedding ring?

Do you rock climb, play football, basketball or surf? For sports that could be rough on your ring we recommend that you not wear your wedding ring whilst playing that sport.

If you do plan to wear your ring during sport, you will need to make sure that the ring is suitable.

If your work or hobbies will be rough on your ring and you plan to wear your ring when carrying out those activities you should look to have a ring that will better be able to handle that treatment.

The BEST thing about #1 Camo is we offer the cheapest, best rated/reviewed and yet highest quality Camo Wedding Ring! If you are a hunter, outdoorsmen or camo fan…our bands are for you!

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